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Record Your Screen Like a Pro: Best Screen Recording Software for Linux Mint 20

Screen recording has become an essential aspect of digital communication, particularly in the world of business and education. With the advent of video tutorials and software products, screen recording has become vital in demonstrating processes and products to others.

Linux Mint 20 is a popular operating system that has several screen recording software available. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of screen recording and examine some of the best screen recorders available for Linux Mint 20.

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Screen Recorders for Linux Mint 20

Need for Screen Recording

Screen recording has become popular because of its ability to provide a visual demonstration of how a particular process works. For software products and video tutorials, screen recording comes in handy because it ensures that the content creator is delivering a detailed, step-by-step guide.

This method of instruction is much more effective than relying solely on written instructions or static images. Screen recording enables the user to record video footage of their computer screen, and then edit the footage to include voiceovers, annotations, or special effects.

Screen Recorders for Linux Mint 20

There are several screen recorders available for Linux Mint 20, but the most popular ones include Kazam Screencaster, ScreenStudio, and Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio). Kazam is a simple-to-use screen recorder that allows the user to record both the entire screen or specific parts.

ScreenStudio is an open-source screen recorder that is widely supported across different platforms. OBS Studio is ideal for those who need a more comprehensive set of features, such as live streaming and advanced audio mixing.

Kazam Screencaster

Features of Kazam Screencaster

One of the most significant benefits of Kazam Screencaster is that it supports the VP8/WebM video file format, which ensures high-quality videos that can be played on different devices and platforms. Additionally, Kazam Screencaster supports multiple audio input devices, which means you can record audio from different sources.

Kazam also has the ability to export graphics interchange format (GIF) files, which are more useful when trying to create animated GIFs. Lastly, Kazam allows dual recording, which means you can record both your screen and your webcam simultaneously.

Ease of Use for Beginners

Kazam Screencaster comes with a minimalist interface, making it easy for beginners to navigate the software. Also, it has different video output formats that cater to different needs.

The area selection feature enables the user to select a specific part of the screen, rather than recording the entire screen, which is helpful in minimizing the file size. Kazam Screencaster has a straightforward installation process, and can be downloaded for free from the Ubuntu software center.


In conclusion, screen recording is becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital world. For Linux Mint 20, Kazam Screencaster is an excellent choice for beginners who want to record their screens.

With its support for multiple audio input devices, VP8/WebM video file format, and area selection feature, Kazam Screencaster proves to be a comprehensive and convenient option for screen recording. Whether you’re creating video tutorials or demonstrating software products, Kazam Screencaster is the perfect tool for recording and sharing your screen activities.


Features of ScreenStudio

ScreenStudio is a free, open-source screen recorder that offers several features to users. One of the significant benefits of ScreenStudio is its ability to overlay text or images on top of the video being recorded.

This feature is useful in creating tutorials or educational videos where graphical elements are required. ScreenStudio also records videos in HD quality, ensuring that the output videos are clear and crisp.

Additionally, this screen recorder supports multiple video output formats like MP4, WebM, and AVI, which cater to different user needs. ScreenStudio offers advanced configuration options, such as frame rate and bitrate settings, enabling users to customize their recordings to meet their specific requirements.

Another feature that sets ScreenStudio apart from other screen recording software is its ability to record audio from different audio input devices, which is helpful if you’re creating a tutorial that requires you to speak or need to incorporate sound effects. ScreenStudio also provides users with several effects, including fade-in, fade-out, cross-fade and an auto-level option to level the audio volumes of different input devices.

Lastly, ScreenStudio has a highly customizable user interface, which enables users to rearrange the layout of the screen according to their preferences.

Cross-platform Compatibility

ScreenStudio is compatible with several operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux, making it highly versatile. This feature is particularly useful for users who work across multiple platforms.

Additionally, the software is free to download and use, which makes it an attractive option for those working on a budget.

Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio)

Features of OBS Studio

OBS Studio is another popular screen recording software, notably for live streaming. This software provides users with real-time video capturing and the ability to add different video sources.

With unlimited scenes available, multiple scenes can be created, and smooth scene transitioning is possible. This feature is useful when creating different scenes and transitioning between them, which makes the content more interactive.

OBS Studio also provides users with an intelligent audio mixer, which manages audio sources for optimized sound quality. This tool is useful for creating live streaming videos that require layered audio effects.

The software provides users with powerful configurations, enabling users to set up the software to meet their unique needs. This feature also includes Studio Mode, which enables users to preview a scene before going live.

OBS Studio has a friendly user interface, which makes it simple to use. Additionally, users can create custom shortcuts with Hotkeys, making it easy to access and use different elements of the software.

Finally, OBS Studio supports all major streaming platforms, making it easy to live stream content.

Cross-platform Compatibility

OBS Studio is compatible with all major operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. This feature enables users to work across different operating systems without facing compatibility issues.

Being free and open-source software, OBS Studio is available for anyone to download and use.


In conclusion, screen recording has become an essential tool in creating educational and marketing content. ScreenStudio and OBS Studio offer robust features to users in creating high-quality videos.

ScreenStudio provides users with features that enable them to customize their videos to their unique needs, while OBS Studio provides real-time capturing and configuration options that make it ideal for live streaming. Additionally, both software programs are cross-platform compatible and available for free download, making them ideal for those working within a budget.

In this article, we explored the benefits of screen recording and examined some of the best screen recorders available for Linux Mint 20. Kazam Screencaster, ScreenStudio, and Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio) provide unique features and benefits for different types of users.

Kazam Screencaster offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, while ScreenStudio provides advanced configuration options and cross-platform compatibility. OBS Studio offers real-time video capturing with powerful configuration options and customized shortcuts to meet the needs of live streamers.

Overall, screen recording has become an essential tool for creating educational content and marketing products.

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