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Mastering WordPress Workflow with WP-CLI on Linux

Are you a WordPress user interested in streamlining your workflow? If so, installing WP-CLI on your Linux system can be a game-changer.

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to install WP-CLI on Ubuntu, as well as teach you some basic commands.

Installing WP-CLI on Linux

WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) is a powerful tool designed for developers and users alike. WP-CLI allows users to manage their WordPress sites using the command line interface, helping them save time and effort.

To download and install WP-CLI, users will need to open their terminal and enter the following command:


curl -O


Next, users will need to ensure that the wp-cli.phar file is executable by entering the following command:


chmod +x wp-cli.phar


Now that WP-CLI is downloaded and installed, users can move it to their /usr/local/bin/ directory to make it globally accessible:


sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp


Finally, type “wp” in the terminal to verify that the installation was successful.

Activating bash completion for WP-CLI

Bash completion is a feature that automatically completes partially typed commands in the terminal and saves time. Users can activate bash completion for WP-CLI by entering the following line in their terminal:


wp completion install


Once this is done, users can start using WP-CLI with the option of using the tab key to autofill commands.

Basic WordPress commands with WP-CLI

Now that WP-CLI is installed and bash completion is activated, let’s go over some of the basic commands you can use in the terminal.

Checking WordPress Version

To check the WordPress version installed on your site, users must type in the following command:


wp core version


This command will display the current WordPress version used in the site.

Checking for available WordPress Core Updates

To check for WordPress core updates, users must enter the following command:


wp core check-update


Updating WordPress through command line

Users can update their WordPress site from the command line using the following command:


wp core update


This command will update WordPress to the latest version.

Clearing WordPress cache through command line

Clearing the WordPress cache can be a helpful practice for improving site speed. To clear cache through command line, the following command can be used:


wp cache flush


Managing WordPress plugins through command line

Plugins are an essential component of a WordPress site. However, they can also cause conflicts and slow down the site speed.

WP-CLI offers a command-line interface to manage plugins without having to go to the WordPress dashboard. Some of the available commands to manage plugins with WP-CLI include:

– `wp plugin list` – This command lists all the plugins installed on your WordPress site.

– `wp plugin activate plugin_name` – This command activates the plugin specified in the command. – `wp plugin deactivate plugin_name` – This command deactivates the plugin specified in the command.

– `wp plugin update` – This command updates all the installed plugins to their latest available version.

Other available WP-CLI commands

WP-CLI offers numerous other commands for managing a WordPress site. To explore all the available commands, users can enter the following command in their terminal:


wp help


This will display a list of all the available commands and their brief descriptions. Users can also read the WP-CLI handbook for more information about each of the commands.

In conclusion, WP-CLI is a powerful tool that can help developers and users manage their WordPress sites more efficiently. By installing WP-CLI on Ubuntu or any other Linux-based system and getting familiar with the basic commands, users can save time and streamline their workflow.

In conclusion, WP-CLI is a powerful tool that can help WordPress users manage their sites more efficiently. By installing WP-CLI on Linux and activating bash completion, users can access basic commands, such as checking the WordPress version, managing plugins, and clearing cache, via the command line.

WP-CLI offers numerous other commands that can improve workflow and save time. Its flexibility and usefulness make it an essential tool for WordPress users looking to streamline their workflow and manage their sites efficiently.

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