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Boost Your Productivity with Docklike Taskbar on Xfce Desktop

Are you looking for a better way to manage your tasks and boost your productivity on the Xfce desktop? Look no further than the Docklike Taskbar plugin.

This window/task manager provides a more convenient and efficient way to manage your applications, monitor multiple tasks, and customize your desktop. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Docklike, how to install it, and how to configure it to your liking.

About Docklike Plugin

The Docklike Taskbar is a plugin designed as a replacement for the default Xfce panel task manager. It allows you to pin applications to the panel, close and minimize windows, and switch between open applications.

Unlike the default panel, the Docklike Taskbar is icon-only, providing more screen space for your applications.

Main Features of Docklike Plugin

Docklike comes packed with features that make task management easier and more efficient. You can customize the appearance of the Docklike Taskbar, configure its behavior in multi-monitor environments, and even access options to customize desktop notification styles.

Additionally, Docklike’s settings window is more user-friendly than the default Xfce settings, making it much easier to customize your panel settings.

Installing Docklike Taskbar

The good news is, installing Docklike Taskbar is a straightforward process. Since it is already available in most default repositories, you can install it through your package manager.

Alternatively, you can download the latest release from the developer’s website and install it manually.

Adding Docklike Taskbar to the Xfce Panel

Once you have installed Docklike, adding it to your Xfce panel is simple. Right-click on an empty space on the panel, select “Panel preferences,” and choose “Add new items.” In the “Add new items” dialogue, search for “Docklike,” select the plugin, and add it to the panel.

You can then adjust the position and size of the Docklike Taskbar on the panel.

Pinning Applications on the Docklike Taskbar

One of the best features of Docklike is the ability to pin your frequently used applications to the taskbar. You can do this by opening an application and right-clicking on its icon on the taskbar.

Select “Pin to Favorites,” and the application will be added to the Docklike’s favorites section.

Changing the Preferences of the Docklike Taskbar

Docklike offers many customization options to make your panel more personalized. To access these options, you can right-click on the panel, select “Configure Docklike,” and choose the “Preferences” tab.

From there, you can adjust the color scheme, the position of the Docklike Taskbar, and the style of the icons as well.


The Docklike Taskbar is an invaluable tool for Xfce desktop users who require a more efficient way to manage their applications. As an icon-only taskbar, it provides more space for your applications and reduces clutter on your desktop.

Configurable options make it easy to tailor the plugin to your individual needs, offering complete control for a multitasking experience. No more wasting your time with cluttered and inefficient task management; give Docklike a try today and start optimizing your productivity!

The Docklike Taskbar plugin is a valuable tool for Xfce desktop users seeking an efficient window/task manager.

Its main features include pinning applications to the panel, customization settings, and multi-monitor support, all of which contribute to an optimal multitasking experience. Installing and using the plugin is straightforward and user-friendly and requires only a few steps.

By using Docklike, Xfce desktop users can streamline their workflows, declutter their workspace, and enhance their productivity.

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